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services for farmers and food businesses.

Triple Goddess is a archetype symbol which represents life stages of birth, growth and death. In business and in life as business owners,we deal with all three, but we need to focus on growth and change to keep up with the ever evolving marketplace and to stay in business. If we are not starting anew or growing, we are essentially dying.

I set off on a journey of self employment seventeen years ago.  Four businesses later(this is number five), I realized that I have the most passion and talent in marketing.  If you are a small business owner who has trouble with marketing, Triple Goddess can help you.  We offer web design services, branding, logo design, email marketing, social media, business coaching and more. I have a unique situation being interested in marketing and actually being a business owner for so long. My approach to marketing is more personal and I understand food businesses at a different level.

The farm and food business marketplace is crowded which makes owning a small business tough. Corporate businesses have loyalty of the majority of people. Your product, business and marketing has to be on point and you need a way to stand out.  It is important to tell your story in the right way and be savvy in marketing, but it's hard because you are doing a whole bunch of other things.  I speak with many small business owners who groan when I bring up marketing, websites or social media. If you have a feeling you should be doing more or doing it better, you are probably right.  

Marketing can be overlooked by many business owners, but it is a key element in putting our business out into the world in a more intimate way than advertising. For a customer, getting to know the person behind the business is more important than many realize. In any business I have begun, I always started with a website and I always designed my own. In the past few years, I have done a deep dive into branding, email marketing, web design, food photography and generally just keeping up with the quickly evolving world of social media. 


Last year I started a new local food grocery store Radish Republic after farming for sixteen years. I designed the Radish Republic website and the Local Food Market LV site prior to that. A local farmer liked the LFM LV site so much, she asked me to design a website for her buisness. I was honored and enjoyed designing the  Red Cat Farm website. I used to redesign my own farm website every year, so after twelve years at Godshall Farm, I have had a lot of practice.  At one point, I rebranded the farm which was a learning experience also. 

After starting so many businesses, the best part about it for me has been the branding, logo design, web design and marketing. That is my passion and I would love to help other businesses in this area. I assure that our services will go above and beyond and be divine in quality.




Website Design

We will get to know your business inside and out and design a website.  We recommend online stores whenever possible.  Fully customised to your food business. $999-$2999

Logo Design, branding set up, business name

Perhaps you are just starting out with your business and you need a name, a logo and some branding advice.  We can guide you through the process or maybe you have an established business who wants to refresh and revisit this crucial design phase. $299-$499

Social Media set up and Management

Love it or hate it, social media presence is a necessity. We can get you all set up and ready to roll or we can help with posts, content creation, polishing your online image and more. $299-$499

Email Marketing

Yes, you need to do email marketing.  We can set you up with all the systems and guidance you need to do this.  We can even help you get it going.  There is a right and a wrong way and most businesses are not bothering or doing it wrong. $99/hour


Business coaching

Feeling like you can do this all, but maybe need a bit of guidance and advice to become the master of your business?  We can discuss your system in a holistic manner and get you on a clear path to marketing and getting your business out there in a new or better way. $99/hour

Business Consulting

If you are starting a new business or refreshing an old one, sometimes it may help to consult with someone who has been where you are now. Just as you would consult a doctor when starting a new regimen, check in to see if your business decisions are healthy. $99/hour


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